Safe & Fair Women Migrant Workers programme

Female advocate

Novelita Palisoc is a Filipina domestic worker, President of United Domestic Workers of the Philippines (UNITED), and an advocate for the rights and empowerment of domestic workers worldwide. Throughout her career, she has experienced first-hand a range of abuses that some 70 million domestic workers risk facing every day when they go to work. When a friend convinced her to join a domestic workers union she learned about her rights and the responsibilities of the employer and found her vocation: to fight for the rights of domestic workers. With support of the Safe & Fair programme Novelita was able to communicate experiences of sexual and gender-based violence, including during labour migration, and advocate directly to policy makers at several international conferences, such as the 108th session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva in June 2019, and an EU-UN Spotlight Initiative high-level event at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2019.

On behalf of my organisation and many migrant domestic workers in the ASEAN region, I convey our appreciation to the Spotlight Initiative’s Safe & Fair programme which brings together many different actors working on labour migration, ending violence and anti-trafficking. Together, we can change the lives of women migrant workers.

Novelita Palisoc, President of the United Domestic Workers of the Philippines