ASEAN-EU Comic Strip Competition 2022

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The ASEAN-EU Comic Strip Competition is part of the commemoration the 45th Anniversary of ASEAN-EU relations. It is also reflected in the overall theme, “ASEAN-EU 45 Years of Partnership”. During the selection process, a panel of judges from the EU and ASEAN will curate the submissions that reflect the theme best and have the greatest potential to be displayed on official EUinASEAN digital platforms. The Comic Strip Competition is purposefully designed to provide opportunities for ASEAN young people to showcase their artwork in the form of comic strip to a wider audience in the ASEAN region, as well as to an EU audience.

The ASEAN-EU Comic Strip Competition is carrying the theme, ‘Sustainable environment and connectivity’. The competition will run from 9 May 2022 on Europe Day to 10 July 2022. Winners will be selected by a panel of juries and announced on 8 August, in conjunction with the 55th ASEAN Anniversary.

The ASEAN-EU Comic Strip Competition is open to young people from ASEAN Member States (20 – 35 years old). Participants are invited to explore what ASEAN-EU cooperation means to them by submitting ideas in the form of a digital or hand drawing comic strip.

Read the eligibility criteria, requirements and instructions thoroughly at

Reflect on the strong ASEAN-EU partnership and check out @euinasean to draw inspiration from! 

Submit your artwork until 10 July. Check out