13 August - 11 September 2022


The Bike45Ride is a virtual cycling event organised as part of a series of commemorative events to celebrate the ASEAN-EU 45th year of partnership.

  1. To commemorate the 45th Anniversary of ASEAN-EU partnership.
  2. To increase public awareness of the European Green Deal, and the Team Europe Green Initiative in partnership with South East Asia/ASEAN in the region.
  3. To encourage the wider public to take part in climate action and promote a shift towards more sustainable modes of transportation.


The race is open to all ASEAN and EU citizens over the age of 17 years old residing in Southeast Asia.


  1. Participants can choose to register as an individual or as a team of a maximum of five people to complete a total distance of 45 km within one month.
  2. The distance can be completed in multiple days within the one-month duration of the race.
  3. The platform will automatically record the distance in each personal account. The top 45 individual cyclists and groups of cyclists will also be displayed on the leaderboard.
  4. To ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, the Organising Committee will only show the display name and e-bib on the leaderboard.
  5. The top 45 finishers in the Individual category and the top 10 finishers in the group category, determined by the time required to reach a total distance of 45 km, will receive a special race kit.
  6. Any use of any electronic device to enhance or alter entrants’ odds of winning will count as a fraudulent entry. Entries that are fraudulent are not permitted and will be declared invalid.
  7. The Organising Committee reserves the right to delete any entries or remove participants that violates the official rules.


  1. Winners will be decided based on completion time.
  2. The decision of the juries is final and shall not be contended.