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Citra Sasmita grew up with a rich collection of traditional stories of kings and gods. Born and raised in the island of Bali, Indonesia, art has been an integral part of Sasmita’s lifve. ‘One day I realised the absence of women in all these art forms’, Sasmita said.

The realisation started her on a journey of finding women artists and their works, and filling the void with her own version of stories.

‘I’m trying to offer alternative narratives with women as protagonists, as leaders, and as role models’, she added.

Sasmita is one of three Southeast Asian artists selected for the newly established Studio Residencies for Southeast Asian Artists in the EU (SEA AiR) programme. Funded by the EU and developed by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, the SEA AiR programme fosters cultural and artistic exchanges between Southeast Asia and the European Union.

The residencies are hosted and managed by established contemporary art institutions across Europe. As part of the inaugural cycle, Sasmita will have the opportunity to be in residence for three months at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre and immerse herself in the Brussels’ art scene. ‘I’m excited to learn more about the collection of medieval art paintings in Brussels and to share my work with other artists there as well’. The residency will be followed by a group exhibition in Singapore featuring new artworks made by Sasmita and the other two selected artists.

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