In 2021, Malaysia benefited from regional and thematic projects

The ARISE plus Malaysia project on trade-related technical assistance was officially launched in early 2021

From 2021 to 2027, a Cooperation facility will support the EU-Malaysia partnership


Projects implemented by Civil society organisations (CSOs) and by SUHAKAM (National Commission of Human rights) have made progress with interventions focusing on gender equality, media, indigenous people and human rights.

Due to emerging COVID-19 outbreak, the EU- funded projects have continued to address the needs of marginalised communities.

Networking workshops among CSOs in Sabah and for CSOs and local authorities in Penang for further collaboration have been organised under the CSOs Facility.

Under the KAMI project on Sustainability of Malaysian and Indonesian palm oil, the EU works with Malaysian partners in support of multi-stakeholder processes on sustainability of the palm oil value chain.

Under the project on EU-South East Asia Cooperation on Mitigating Climate Change impact from Civil Aviation, the EU works with civil aviation authorities in all 10 ASEAN Member States on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from civil aviation, and supporting ASEAN partner countries’ readiness process to implement CORSIA scheme.


The COVID-19 response for Malaysia focused on human rights and strengthening the inclusion of the most marginalised groups of the population in the national response.

The long-standing project with the State of Sabah and its forestry department came to an end in November 2021.

Under the project “South East Asia Health Pandemic Response and Preparedness programme”, implemented by the WHO, support to Malaysia included a range of different activities.

“Under the EU-UNDP multi-country project Business and Human Rights in Asia, the EU is
working with the Government of Malaysia, the private sector, civil society and the National Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) to promote the respect of human rights, including labour rights, in business operations in Malaysia”.