Creating opportunities and delivering prosperity for all

The EU and ASEAN share a common belief that close inter and intra-regional economic cooperation is crucial to reducing poverty and creating equal opportunities

2020 has further strengthened this partnership in response to the unparalleled challenges and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through Team Europe, the EU has provided immediate support to ASEAN to protect vulnerable communities, and to mitigate the negative economic impact of the global pandemic.

Working together, the EU and ASEAN are a global economic force.
Comprehensive economic cooperation for equitable prosperity

Economic cooperation between the EU and ASEAN spans a multitude of areas including: connectivity infrastructure, logistics, regulation, innovation, and mobility.

Rooted in shared values and mutual benefits, cooperation initiatives between the two regions have proven to be agile enough to adapt to the unprecedented global challenges presented by COVID-19.

As an example, the launch of the first electronic customs transit system in November 2020 has provided ASEAN with the required speed and connectivity to transport emergency health equipment across the region.

Travel restrictions and border closures imposed by governments have also significantly disrupted the aviation sector. Yet, continued engagement and commitment from both the EU and ASEAN have resulted in positive contributions to the sector that’s one of the most challenged industries by the current health and economic crisis.

These initiatives include the ASEAN COVID-19 Operational Guidelines, which aim to contain the spread of the coronavirus through improved aircraft disinfection and better protection for flight and cabin crew.