Enhancing Capacity in Communication for EU-funded Projects in ASEAN

In June 2023, the Delegation of the European Union to ASEAN, with support from the European Commission, held the tenth edition of the Communication Workshop. This recent workshop focused on knowledge sharing around the EU Global Gateway Strategy, an effort from the EU to bridge the global investment gap.

Lotte Goyens, a Programme Officer and a workshop participant said of the event, “This was an excellent workshop. Well-structured, professional and relevant”. Echoing Lotte’s sentiment, the high levels of participant satisfaction for each edition have historically attracted an increasing number of participants for the next communication workshops.

The Communication Workshop series thus has become one of the most popular events within the EU-funded projects network, whereby participants are given ample opportunities to enhance their communication skills. On top of that, through the workshops, participants also gain comprehensions of the EU guidelines and standards that they can implement within their project.

For each edition, diverse experts from the European Commission and the Delegation of the European Union to ASEAN have been invited to share their expertise on the EU guidelines and standards. Moreover, communications and media practitioners and private sector representatives from big media corporations like Facebook (Meta) have also been invited to help upskill participants from numerous EU-funded projects in the ASEAN region.

The learning benefits of these communication workshops were expressed through the numerous positive post-event feedback from the participants. For example, Phan Thanh Ngoc, a Project Coordinator, sees the workshops as an opportunity to learn a lot and has found them to be very useful. The success of these communication workshops mirrors the aims of the EU-ASEAN Communication and Visibility Project, as it strives to match the scale, scope and ambition of the EU’s sustained engagement.

One of the project’s main objectives is to raise awareness and understanding of the EU’s role in the world for both EU member states and partner nations in the ASEAN region. Moreover, the project also acknowledges and holds the same principle held by the EU on the crucial role of effective communication and visibility in strengthening the EU’s global presence, promoting democratic dialogues, and showcasing the EU’s positive impact on people’s lives.

With these principles and objectives at its core, the project aspires to organise more communication workshops in the future. For individuals working on EU-funded projects in ASEAN interested in participating in the next communication workshop, reach out to your EU Programme Manager to be included in our mailing list to keep you up-to-date on upcoming workshops. For more detailed information on these workshops, contact: