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Language has always fascinated Chau Quang, ‘Learning a new language is like opening a window to a whole new world!’ In his third year of linguistic studies at the Viet Nam National University, Quang participated in the EU-SHARE intra-ASEAN scholarship programme and had the opportunity to learn Tagalog and Arabic at the University of the Philippines in Manila.

The intra-ASEAN scholarship programme is one of the key components of the European Union Support to Higher Education (EU SHARE) programme, designed to increase intra-ASEAN student mobility and test the application of the ASEAN-Europe Credit Transfer System (AECTS). The scholarship enables students to spend one semester at a partnering university in the ASEAN region.

Quang’s experiences in the Philippines went beyond learning new languages. ‘It taught me a lot about embracing different cultures and religions too,’ he said. ‘It also opened my professional horizons because it allowed me to meet different people who are now prominent in their fields’.

Graduate employability is a key part of the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025. To support the Master Plan, the SHARE programme will produce a study on ‘Graduate Employability in ASEAN’, as part of a series of studies that will be produced during its extension period until the end of 2022. This topic was explored in depth by policymakers and practitioners during the 13th SHARE Policy

Dialogue on ‘University and Employer Engagement to Enhance Graduate Employability in ASEAN,’ held between 23 and 25 November 2021.

Upon completing his studies, Quang worked in the Philippines and Thailand, before settling back in Viet Nam as a lecturer at Viet Nam National University.

The EU SHARE Programme was established in 2015 with an initial funding of €10 million from the European Union. On 27 February 2021, the programme was extended until the end of December 2022 with an additional €5 million budget. The SHARE Programme is implemented by a consortium of the British Council, the DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service), ENQA (the European Association for
Quality Assurance in Higher Education) and Nuffic (the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education).

‘The SHARE programme helped the formation of our identity which goes beyond and above national boundaries’.

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