Safe & Fair Migration


Information is key to safe and successful migration. However, women workers often lack information about their rights, and fear the consequences of speaking out. To address this, the Safe & Fair programme is working with the ASEAN Commission to support the ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on the Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW). In November 2019 an online campaign was launched which focuses on using knowledge and music to prevent genderbased workplace exploitation. The campaign, which includes a song with catchy lyrics aimed at women migrant workers in Thailand, is designed to make reliable information more widely available on where to get support, what women’s rights are, and what sexual harassment is.

With the objective of turning policy commitments into a lived reality for all women migrant workers in ASEAN, ACWC in partnership with other concerned ASEAN sectoral bodies including the Safe & Fair programme, is highlighting the issue of human trafficking and violence against women.

Dr Ratchada Jayagupta, Representative of Thailand to the ACWC for Women’s Rights