I believe that SHARE helps to strengthen the ASEAN community because it fosters intercultural understanding and cooperation between nations. Finding the similarities and differences in the political, social, economic and cultural systems in different countries helps creates an awareness which can lead to changed attitudes or concrete action.

Erica Esteban, a SHARE Scholarship awardee from the the Philippines who studied at Vietnam National University

My SHARE Scholarship provided me with knowledge and opportunities. It gave me connections with both local and international students, and straight after graduation I got my first job through the network I built during the student mobility programme. Now I can identify myself not just as an Indonesian citizen, but also as an ASEAN citizen.

Fernando, a SHARE Scholarship awardee from Indonesia who studied at Vietnam National University, University of Science and is currently working at Worldfish in Myanmar

As a young professional I believe it is very important that we should engage more and share our mobility and work experiences overseas in our home communities and universities. This is simply a matter of contributing and giving back some of the benefits we have received.

Sara Vinothini, a SHARE Scholarship awardee from Malaysia who studied at University College Cork in Ireland

SHARE has taught me the importance of the ASEAN community and that we have one identity as ASEAN citizens. I think we need to spread that idea and increase awareness among other students about the importance of ASEAN, and not just for education.

Nguyen Thi Sa Va, a SHARE Scholarship awardee from Vietnam who studied at University Malaysia Sabah