Safe & Fair Migration

Female migrant

Namwaan, a migrant from Myanmar working in Thailand, is one of over a million people who have seen an online video about the Spotlight Initiative’s Safe & Fair. Initially she worked in textile manufacturing, where she experienced long hours, meagre wages, and saw her colleagues being treated violently. Namwaan felt the video spoke on her behalf and connected her to a wider movement. Subsequently in November 2019, she shared her story in a Safe & Fair photo exhibition Extraordinary Women: Journeys out of the Ordinary and on 3 December 2019 she had the chance to present her priorities for change to over 100 policy makers, employers and trade unionists at the Labour Mobility between Asia and the Arab States Interregional Meeting.

I am grateful that people have not forgotten about us, and that there are some people who are working to protect our rights. Millions of women migrant workers will benefit from Safe & Fair, and the result will be more women with decent work that is free from violence.

Namwaan (an alias), a woman migrant from Myanmar working in Thailand