9th EU-ASEAN Youth Talk Show ‘Celebrating World Sustainable Transport Day 2023’

On 17 October 2022, the EU and ASEAN signed the world’s first bloc-to-block air transport agreement aiming to bolster connectivity and economic development among the 37 member states of ASEAN and the EU.

Later that same year, during the EU-ASEAN Commemorative Summit, the EU and its Member States, in a Team Europe approach, announced the mobilisation of €10 billion as part of the Global Gateway strategy to accelerate infrastructure investments in ASEAN countries. Under the umbrella of this strategy, Team Europe investments will focus on energy, transport, digitalisation, education and promote trade and sustainable value chains. In Lao PDR, Team Europe is investing in the development of sustainable urban transport under the global gateway umbrella.

The 9th EU-ASEAN Youth Talk Show aims to celebrate the World Sustainable Transport Day 2023 (26 November 2023) by engaging ASEAN youth in a discussion on what sustainable transport is and how it can accelerate the green transition of their respective countries.

The talk show will follow the same concept as previous editions, with the Ambassador of the European Union to ASEAN, Ambassador Sujiro Seam and Selphine Jeanita as the host.