Youth Sounding Board FOR EU IN ASEAN (ysbea) 2024-2025

Norfatinafina Md Afandi
Brunei Darussalam

Focus area: Gender equality

Fina is a graduate of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Majoring in sociology and anthropology, Fina is particularly passionate about gender equality and how it affects women in different cultures and societies. She is also an active member of the Global Discovery Programme as a student ambassador and student liaison officer for Borneo Studies Networking in Brunei Darussalam. In 2021, she represented Brunei Darussalam in the ASEAN-Korea Youth Summit.

Vichny Chanchem

Focus areas: Human rights through sustainable development

Vichny has long held a deep interest in the European Union and its relations with ASEAN and with her home country, Cambodia. Her interest in the EU has led her on an academic, professional and research exploratory journey relevant to economic, development, and political partnerships between the two regions


Anastasia Dinda Ciptaviana

Focus areas: Design, Education, research, climate and environment

Growing as a designer, educator, and researcher, Dinda aims to show how design can strengthen our global community. Through her participation in the What If Lab programme, she joined a network of researchers and NGOs working to address prejudice, urbanization, and climate change affecting Jakarta’s dense irregular communities known as kampungs.

Chilanhouth Nitvongkhay

Focus areas: Science, technology and digitalisation

Chilanhouth is a tech enthusiast with a passion for empowering youth and contributing to the mitigation of climate change impacts and digital skills. Chilanhouth has served as a technology ambassador for XiangMiang Technovator in 2022 to equip Lao youth with technology skills and supported UNDP Lao PDR in National Human Development Report in enhancing youth as drivers for sustainable development.

Alicia Tien Weei

Focus areas: Green energy transition, renewable energies and investments

Alicia has spent the last three years advancing Southeast Asia’s energy transition through social development and renewable energies as the founder of Asia Discovery. She is currently the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships at Youth For Energy Southeast Asia, and received the Global Citizen Award for her passion and initiatives to drive the green transition of Southeast Asia.

Minn Myoh Minn Oo

Focus areas: Democracy, human rights and community development

Minn Myoh Minn Oo is an emerging Southeast Asian LGBTIQ+ academic-activist and researcher, with interests and experiences in politics, democracy and ASEAN affairs. Currently studying International Relations and Development as a Prospect Burma scholar at the Rangsit University in Thailand.

Samuel Capuno Madriaga

Focus areas: Health, democracy, disability awareness and inclusion

Samuel is a licensed occupational therapist, health and democracy champion from the Philippines who champions for public health, safe spaces, good governance, and youth development. He currently leads various youth-led organizations relevant to community building and youth health systems strengthening. He has strong background on policymaking, community health research and promotions, and youth civic engagement.

Cameron Tan Shi Ern

Focus area: Youth mental health

Cameron currently serves as the Director of ASEAN Youth Organisation Research Centre and the Deputy Chief Curator of the National Youth Council Young Changemakers Grant in Singapore. An avid advocate for youth mental health programmes, policy and research in Singapore and internationally, his passion for evidence-based and youth-led advocacy fuels his commitment to improving mental health support for youths worldwide. Through his engagement as a Youth Sounding Board for EU in ASEAN, Cameron aims to foster a more connected and youth-empowered ASEAN-EU partnership.

Narubet Rakwijit

Focus area: Public health and education

Currently studying entrepreneurship and management at the Bangkok University, Thailand, Narubet is committed to advancing human development in ASEAN with a strategic focus on sustainable growth and community empowerment. As the leader of Double Learn, Narubet created an online volunteering platform designed to engage young people in Thailand.

Nguyen Son Tra
Viet Nam

Focus areas: Climate, environment and energy

As an EU alumnus graduated from Szent Istvan University in Hungary with 4 years of working experience, Son Tra has been implementing community outreach campaigns and capacity building programmes to promote innovation and policy advocacy activities for youth on Just Energy Transition, Sustainable Water Management, Climate-resilient Agriculture, Combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing, Nature Conservation, and Climate Change Education in Viet Nam through Viet Nam Youth Parliament – Mekong Program, COP28 Youth Climate Champion, Youth Policy Working Group, World Water Envoy, Lighthouse Ambassador, and other initiatives .

Pascoela Joana Branco

Focus areas: Human rights and social entrepreneurship

As a social issue advocate the one thread connecting Joana’s wide interest is her passion in engaging and empowering youth in East Timor. From her activism in human rights, justice, freedom and democracy to the environment and entrepreneurship, Joana always strives to carry the voice of East Timorese youth. She is also an active member of the Timor-Leste Youth for Peace Organisation aiming to strengthen peace and conserve the environment and the co-founder to Gen-Z Talk Timor-Leste, a community and platform for young people to come together to express their views on political, economical and social issues in Timor-Leste. She is passionate about advocating social issues especially human rights, social entrepreneurship, and economic development. She has been advocating for social issues both in the country and at the regional level